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When parasailing in Dubai, you are towed behind a boat while attached with a specially designed parachute in the air. Your Dubai beach parasailing is of 10-15 minutes while flying 200 meters above the sea waters.

  • Parasailing is a recreational activity where a person (two and more people may also ride at the same time) is towed behind a boat while attached to a parachute for enjoyment. A harness attaches to the parasail, which gets connected to the boat. The boat then drives off, carrying the riding person into the air. The passenger has no control over the parachute. The activity is primarily a fun ride.
  • Parasailing is a very exciting experience especially if it is done on the beach of Dubai, White parasailing in Dubai you are towed behind a boat while attached with a specially designed parachute in the air, passenger lifts up into the air slowly when a boat drives off. The parasailing in Dubai is just a recreational and enjoyable ride and it has nothing to do with the original Paragliding sport. Your Dubai beach Parasailing is of 10-15 minutes of duration while flying 200 Meter above from the sea.
  • Parasailing is one of the most exciting adventure and enjoyment activities in the world. The best and important part about parasailing is that you do not need to have a practice in adventure or water sports before doing it and hence, you can enjoy it like your first time experience. Parasailing tour in Dubai is all the way more special and memorable because you will not only be able to float in the air over sparkling blue sea waters but see some of the most amazing and beautiful views of tall standing buildings and landmarks of Dubai. There is much parasailing in Dubai deals available and if you want to experience this water sport, the best package to book is the one offered by Skyland Tourism.
  • Parasailing is indeed a recreational ride and has nothing to do with the professional paragliding activity and hence, you can practice it even if you are not professionally trained to do it. You will take off from the flight deck of the boat and with the latest equipment guarding and protecting you; you will be able to experience a tranquil time up above in the air, floating over the blue waters of the Arabian Sea which is truly mesmerizing. You will get to absorb some of the most breathtaking views of the endless ocean from the height and you are guaranteed to remember this experience for your entire lifetime.
  • Additional Information:
  • Parasailing in Dubai tour entirely depends on the weather and wind conditions which affect it most.
  • Pickup and drop will be done from your hotel or residence in Dubai and other places on special request by us.
  • Be prepared with your swimsuits during the activity as your clothes might get wet.
  • Contact Skyland Tourism for more information about activity timings and parasailing in Dubai Marina price as well as requirements of the tour.

Parasailing in Dubai experience will make you feel in ecstasy and exhilaration to induce fresh blood in your veins. The feeling of sailing above the sea at a height of 200 meters tied with full throttle speed boat would give you a breathtaking experience. The Parasailing in Dubai is done along the coast of Dubai after brief safety instructions as you will be tied to end part of the speedboat along with a parachute, as boat speeds up you will be lifted in the air. It would give you a birds-eye view of the sea with picturesque scenes of the city coastline. The fresh sea breeze would set your mood to fly high in the sky above the Arabian Gulf. Those who dreamt of flying in the skies, this can be there chance to fulfill that reverie, so book amazing Parasailing in Dubai Tours and enjoy stirring cognizance. The whole trip would last for 15 minutes.


The Package includes

  • Pick up and drop off
  • 15 Minutes ride
  • Age limit: 7 Years minimum
  • Availability: 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM
  • Minimum: 2 persons
  • Pick up and drop off time depend on availability and demand

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Dubai is one of only a handful couple of urban areas in the Middle East that are exceptionally open to inviting sightseers. In any case, it must be noticed that with the recompense comes the obligation to be touchy to the Islamic ways that are prevailing and regarded in Dubai. It is one of the seven districts containing the United Arab Emirates. Arranged in the east of the Arabian Peninsula and southwest of the Arabian Gulf, the city, is most celebrated for its steady daylight, dazzling coastline, and tremendous deserts, among others.

Parasailing in Dubai is a recreational movement where an individual (two, three and more individuals may likewise ride in the meantime) is towed behind a pontoon while connected to a parachute. A bridle appends to the parasail, which is associated with the pontoon. The vessel at that point drives off, conveying the traveler into the air. The traveler has no influence over the parachute. The movement is fundamentally a fun ride. Parasailing in Dubai is perfectly healthy and once you experience the invigoration, you may very well get snared! The view: There’s nothing else like it. A strict superior view, without the buzz of a plane stunning you. You can see from the vantage point for Dubai’s horizon and tourist spots, for example, The Palm Island, Jumeirah Beach Residence, The Walk, Sheik’s Island, Burj Al Arab to the skyline as you coast along behind the vessel, tranquil and quiet, completely calm. You get the chance to encounter the world from high above, seeing a greater scale than numerous individuals oversee in their lifetime. There’s nothing else like it.

Parasailing in Dubai is an energizing activity, particularly whenever done on the shoreline of Dubai. While Parasailing in Dubai you are towed behind a pontoon while connected with an extraordinarily planned parachute noticeable all around. You lift high up gradually when the vessel drives off. The parasailing in Dubai is only a recreational ride and it has nothing to do with the first paragliding sport. Your Dubai shoreline parasailing is of 10-15 minutes while flying 200 meters above from the ocean.

You legitimately take-off and land from the flight deck energetic about the most recent craftsmanship vessel and hardware. The cool ocean breeze enables you to fly skywards increasingly elevated over the water of Arabian Sea. During your Parasailing in Dubai time, you snatch the amazing perspectives on the perpetual sea from the statures of the sky.

Visit begins with clarification all things considered, at that point prologue to the fundamental of Parasailing in Dubai Safety Briefing. Our captain will clear and respond to every one of your inquiries. Then it’s hands-on parasailing for everybody alternating in the driver’s seat, controlling the vessel. You can take a functioning part in the cruising or simply sit back in the very much secured cockpit.

Parasailing in Dubai has always left an effect on every tourist. You can look at our reviews for your satisfaction. Your security is the first priority for us. Contact Skyland Tourism to experience this fabulous activity with us.

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