Beyond its renowned focus on mental health, the Center extends its expertise to provide an all-encompassing range of medical health services tailored to the needs of individuals in need. Whether it is initiating new health investigations, second opinion with a medical history or diagnosis, follow-up care, medication management, American Wellness Center ensures that our clients receive the highest standard of medical attention while enjoying their stay in Dubai. For the individuals who are under the care of doctors in their home countries, American Wellness Center takes a collaborative approach. The Center coordinates with the traveler’s original physicians, ensuring a seamless exchange of medical information and a consistent approach to care during their time in Dubai.


American Wellness Center stands as a gateway to a realm where travel, wellness, and relationships intertwine in most friendly yet confidential way. By integrating the joy of exploration with expert guidance, individuals are empowered to embark on a journey of reconnection, growth, and shared experiences. For more details visit