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Located at the Arabian Peninsula’s Southeastern tip, it has been overshadowed in the past as a tourist destination by its glitzy neighbors, like UAE and Saudi Arabia. Off late, tourists have started pouring into this Bedouin land to experience the unfiltered and raw Arabian culture.

Oman, also officially knows as the Sultanate of Oman, stands a proud epitome of modernizing while retaining its culture and roots. Oman’s beauty is unparalleled, from vast dunes and lush green mountains to its expansive coastlines and historic forts; the Sultanate has it all.

Oman shares its borders with UAE and Saudi Arabia, while Pakistan and Iran is just an ocean stretch away. While many of us imagine Oman to be only another decadent monarchy with Oil wells, we are mistaken.

What Makes Oman So Special

What Oman offers is a serene trip away from the bustling city and the urban jungle, much closer to nature and our ancestors. Also, Oman is home to some most beautiful natural sites. The expanse of mountains and deserts with beautiful Oases and palm trees adorning the yellow stretch. The untouched beaches lined with palm trees makes for an unforgettable experience.

It’s not all beauty and no character because the Omanis are among the most welcoming and kindest souls and, they usher you into their homes, show you around, and are always ready to jump to your help. These are proud people who love and take pride in their culture.

We aren’t going to sell why you should visit Oman; instead, we will travel together to a small part. In conclusion, pack your thoughts and come with us!

Trip to Oman Musandam

Oman Musandam is isolated from the remainder of Oman by the east shoreline of the United Arab Emirates and guarding the southern side of the deliberately significant Strait of Hormuz. The Musandam Peninsula is named the ‘Norway of Arabia’ for its excellent khors (rough bays), little towns, and sensational, mountain-embracing streets.

Musandam is famous for its striking bare mountains and crystal clear waters; therefore, it’s home to dolphins, Mantra Rays, and whale sharks, amongst others. As many as 900 species are the inhabitants of the Musandam waters.

The peninsula is a photogenic location with sheer walls of sawtooth cliffs falling into the crystal waters and an expanse of rugged mountains and forts built up top. The fjords have given Musandam the title of Norway of the east, so you can sail around the Fjords in Omani boats, go kayaking, or snorkeling into the pristine waters.

One can backpack across Musandam, or preferably, you can take up tours from Skyland tourism, offering to pick up to drop service. Oman Musandam tour involves Full day Khasab Dhow tours to Mountain Safaris to Jebel Harim. We leave out nothing to chance and have everything covered from your safety to frolics, including speed boating, snorkeling, dolphin watching, and others.

City Tour Of Khasab

Khasab is the capital of this peninsula. The city is accessible from the mainland through UAE or via Khasab port. Khasab has been termed the Norway of Arabia because of the Fjord structures mirroring Norway or Greenland minus the snow.

However, Khasab city’s location is in the mountain named Al Hajar Range Mountains. The town has thoroughly organized and serviceable hospitals, hotels, beaches, parks, malls, etc.

Let’s check out the must-visit places in Khasab:

Oman Fjords

This city is a must-visit destination when you are in Musandam because these endless long rocky terrains and mountainscapes, also popularly known as Fjords, are a sight to behold. You can book a full day Dhow tour with us or even a half-day one if you are short on time to get a chance to marvel at the marvel. Apart from that, on the cruise, you will get to enjoy swimming with the dolphins in the clear waters and go snorkeling, adoring the beautiful coral reefs and other colored fishes.

A visit to this castle will take you back to the days of what Oman was before it modernized. The location of the Oman Fjords in the center of the city opposite the LuLu supermarket. The Portuguese built the castle in the 17th Century, and it promises a breathtaking view of the peninsula and a peek into history.

There are two sections of the Fjords, housing, and museum. Although some parts of the castle built by the Portuguese still stand, a significant portion of it was created by the Omanis on the same site. Inside the museum, you can see the handicrafts that have been showcased, suggesting the life of traditional Omani people.

Dolphin Tour

Khasab is famous for its fauna, especially marine life, which is more than 90 species of fishes and all dolphins’ queen. You can easily spot dolphins from the deck of your dhow. Keep your cameras handy to click these dolphins frolicking into your memories. Apart from that, when you take a Dhow cruise tour from Skyland, we offer in the package snorkeling kit.

Telegraph Island Restaurant

Now mostly deserted, the island’s name because the British use it as a telegraph outpost. Khasab houses a restaurant by the word, and it’s a must-visit for the food buffs. Head over to the restaurant and treat your pallets to some delicious cuisines.

Jebel Harim – Mountain Safari

The range of mountains encompassing the Musandam Peninsula is a 2000m high peak, Jebel Harim(Mountain of Women). The hill takes its name from when local women would retreat to caves up here to avoid being carried off by pirates or rival tribes. In comparison, their menfolk were away on extended fishing or trading expeditions.

The summit houses a paramilitary installment, a radar station monitoring the Straits Of Hormuz. It is inaccessible to the general public and tourists. Many of the rocks up here are also studded with superbly preserved fossils, offering the remarkable sight of ancient submarine creatures. Mollusks, fish, clams, and numerous arthropods – now incongruously stranded near the summit of one of Arabia’s highest mountains.

The peak of Musandam offers spectacular vistas and gorgeous views of the peninsula. Well-preserved fossils studded the rocks because the ascent can only be done in a 4 x 4, as the spiraling path is unsuitable for regular cars. But you needn’t worry as we have got you covered. Skyland has a fleet of comfortable 4 x 4 at your service.

The fossil wall has imprinted upon them starfish, crabs, and seashells. Stone impressions and carvings adorn the mountain and ancient petroglyphs.

Our mountain Safari tour starts at the foothills of Khasab, and we drive up to 6000 feet in our powerful 4 x 4’s. We make pit-stops at viewpoints so that you can capture the moments as a souvenir. On the way, we will halt at the village Of Sayah. This picturesque hamlet tumbles down the hillside, and desert-dwelling Bedouin people still occupy. The settlement is famous for its ancient petrography – 3,000-year-old paintings splattered on the rock face.

Hatta Mountain Tour

Hatta is 200 years old village which is about 115 km east of Dubai City. It has a famous Heritage Village, which includes two prominent military towers from the 18th Century and the Juma mosque (built-in 1780), the oldest Hatta building. Hatta previously belonged to the Omanis, but they gave it to the Emirates because they were no longer able to sustain the repeated attacks by Buraimi Tribes.

We will pick you up in our 4 x 4s and will proceed towards the mountains. We will cruise through the rocky and arid terrain. Keep your eyes open for the famous and rare sand cat; if you are lucky, you might spot one—later, head over to the Hatta Dam for kayaking. The clean glitzy waters will leave you in awe of the beauty of the place. You can admire beautiful places, discover the beautiful beaches that stretch for several kilometers, see fish and sea turtles. In the itinerary visit to the Hatta heritage village, we have to experience the Hatta people’s lives.

DIBBA Full Day Dhow Cruise and Overnight at Hotel

Nestled on a pristine sandy beach in the foothills of the rugged Hajar mountain ranges, it immerses guests to this legendary hideaway for its blend of natural beauty, romantic heritage, and contemporary luxury. It offers dazzling panoramic views and stunning sea activities along with full day Dhow Cruise from its site.

The dhow cruise will take about 5-6 hours. You can also explore the fishermen’s villages and go swimming in the blue waters of Haffa beach. We at Skyland Tourism will arrange the trip for you so that you can have all the leisure in your life without an ounce of worry.

Lie back and bask under the sun, or you can go snorkeling. The journey is as beautiful as the destination. Through the Hazzar range, the hairpin curves, the coastline, and the stunning colorful ocean make Musandam a crown jewel. Skyland offers a full-day tour, which includes pickup, drop snacks, and lots of fun!

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