Medical tourism is when a person travels to another country for necessary medical care. This can be due to better facilities and procedures found elsewhere and/or due to lower costs of treatment elsewhere. People may also travel for treatment because a treatment may be unavailable in their country region.

Dubai is home to world-class internationally accredited healthcare institutions that offer innovation and integrated care model that delivers a fulfilling patient experience. The highly advanced infrastructure of healthcare service providers offer a range of specialties covering elective procedures in cosmetic treatment & surgery, orthopedics and sports medicine, ophthalmology, dental, dermatology, wellness and preventive health check-up, as well as assisted reproductive techniques and weight loss management and surgeries. Not only infrastructure but Dubai also offers a pool of skilled and licensed healthcare professionals that have established their credentials as leaders around the world.

We are proud to shake hand with one of the most esteemed centers in Dubai. American Wellness center is our medical strategic partner to cater the needs of travelers who come to UAE for tourism purpose or seeking medical health. American Wellness center has brought the goodness and rich experience of west in the Gulf region to make quality healthcare more accessible and enjoyable.

At the American Wellness Center, multi – cultural and bilingual Western qualified, certified and highly experiences physicians ( on this word , please link to our webpage our clinicians ) extend a promise of world-class medical ( you can hyperlink to our website mental health care page) and mental (( you can hyperlink to our website medical health care page)health care services while we take care of your travel plan including your stay in Dubai. Our purpose is to offer high quality services and experience. For more details visit