Desert Safari Dubai

148.40$ Sahara Desert Safari

Royal Desert Safari Dubai

The Dubai Royal Safari is the ultimate way of experiencing the vast, beautiful desert that lies just beyond the confines of the city. This Dubai dinner safari takes you right

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39.48$ Sale!

Evening Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari is a must-do a tour in Dubai. In this safari, you will experience the thrilling drive in the Arabian Desert’s sand dunes, and enjoy a great BBQ

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39.48$ Sale! Morning Dune Bashing Dubai

Morning Dune Bashing Dubai

Morning Dune Bashing is the most excellent services for morning time tours. The tour starts in the morning after picking up around 08:30 AM from your hotel. Our experienced driver

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93.94$ Dubai Tours

Morning Desert Safari Combo with Quad Bike, Camel Ride and Sand Boarding

Special Note: Minimum 2 Persons Will Required For Booking. For One Person Please Send Us Inquiry
Morning Dune Bashing is the most excellent services for morning time tours. The tour

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84.41$ Sale! Hummer Desert Safari Tour in Dubai

Desert Safari in Hummer

Book Online and Get AED 30 Discount on AED 340 per person

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102.11$ Quad Bike Dubai

Quad Bike Dubai

Enjoy the Quad bike experience and ride through the ever-changing dunes of sand. You can enjoy the quad within the track or outside the track as well you will be

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78.97$ Sale! Dubai Camel Riding Tours

Dubai Camel Riding Tours

Camel Ride Allows you to Experience the Desert Better Than any other Mode of Transport.
The safari undertakings all leave from the local city and take globe-trotters out into the

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68.07$ Sale! Desert safari with Quad Bike Dubai

Desert safari + Quad Bike Dubai

Dubai Desert Safari is a must-do a tour in Dubai. In this safari you will experience a thrilling drive in the Arabian Desert’s sand dunes, and enjoy a great BBQ

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84.41$ Sale! Overnight Desert Safari Dubai Package

Overnight Desert Safari

Overnight safari has experienced the flavor of the desert. After the desert safari with all its adventure and entertainment, settle down under the star lite sky and enjoy the sights

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170.18$ Bab Al Shams Resort Dubai

Bab Al Shams Desert Resort Dinner 5 Star

Book online Bab Al Shams Desert Resort Dinner 5 Star

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Desert Safari Dubai: The Ultimate Guide

People often understand Forest Safari when they hear the word Safari, but do you know that deserts can also be beautiful? Well, if you are a traveling fanatic, then never miss the chance to go to Dubai for a Desert Safari Dubai, it will give an unexplainable thrill that you cannot forget in your lifetime. Dubai Desert Safari is the most famous tourist destination for years. Generally, the adventurous people are more inclined towards this mind-blowing tour around vast deserts around Dubai. We will portray the different benefits that you can get after opting for the Desert Safari in this content.

Interesting Activities in Dubai

Dubai is famous for being the “Land of Contrasts,” which implies that you will get a lot of varieties to experience while visiting the land. Being the UAE’s largest city, Dubai tells you the Bedouin tales through the extensive deserts and ancient architecture. Thus, a tour of this desertic land also shows you the picture of the old visitors’ happy nomadic lives; however, this is not the end. Besides the deserts, Dubai is also an artistically designed city that attracts most of the visitors. The shopping centers, tall skyscrapers, polished roads, and marvelous views of the surroundings make it a perfect cosmopolitan city. If exploring Dubai is in your cards, then Desert Safari Dubai should be the ultimate choice, so here is a short guide for making you aware of all the exciting activities you can expect in this country.

The Adventurous Ride

Have you ever imagined that Dubai Desert Safari can be possible in a 4×4 vehicle? Yes, now it is entirely accurate, and you can have a brilliant time while traveling amidst the thin patch of road along with the deserts, so what can be more adventurous than riding over the hot sands? Your excitement will reach new heights as you get the opportunity for several activities such as;-

  • Quad bike Dubai
  • Dune bashing Dubai
  • Camel Ride Dubai
  • Fat bike riding
  • Henna painting
  • Sandboarding

All these activities will keep you engrossed in the trip and will not let you feel bored for a single moment. Moreover, Dubai Desert Safari is altogether a different feeling that you cannot compare with any of the traveling experiences that you previously had.

Desert Safari in Dubai is multifaceted which guide will clear all your doubts if you think it is just a ride, and you can make both the mornings and evenings fun-filled journeys with the fabulous Dubai Desert Safari. Furthermore, there are facilities to take a combined packaged tour also, and you will get a lot of tour and travel companies that offer all these opportunities at attractive prices. Even you can book the packages online too and save both time and money. The morning safari will take you to a new world away from the busy city life. The ride on camels is a delightful treat. To view the magnificent artforms, you will have to visit the Bedouin camps.

Types of Desert Safari Dubai

Several other activities are there in the package to make your trip a joyous one, indeed, traveling on the sands on the 4×4 land cruiser will undoubtedly give you goosebumps. The morning views of the Arabian Desert are something that you cannot explain in words. As you cherish every moment, you will realize that there is so much to see in Mother Nature, and every single thing has a unique beauty of its own. On the journey, you can also enjoy the tasty local breakfast and enhance the trip’s excitement.

Since desert safari Dubai offers a range of exciting trips, it is essentially challenging for travelers to select their favorite one. Get ready to witness the heart-throbbing dune bashing as the pick-up point with the most frequently used 4×4 wheelers SUV or Land cruiser etc., starts the ride.

Today, take a look at the available types of desert safari tours.

  • Morning Desert Safari
  • Evening Desert Safari
  • Overnight Desert Safari

Morning Desert Safari

There are many benefits to selecting a Morning Desert Safari Dubai. You get to visit the desert first of all when it is still empty. In solitude, the serenity of the desert is most likely better appreciated. You will see more and more people around you as the day continues.

Explore the stunning barren field in the morning. People can have a busy timetable for the evening, and those who find it tough to book a Safari Dubai at night or in the evening may go on an adventurous morning desert safari. Morning desert safari typically begins about 9 AM, and by 4×4 wheeler, travelers are taken to the desert through large dunes.

Second, after the previous night, the weather appears to stay good, which means that time is the best for you to engage in adventure activities. Before it becomes too humid, you will be able to complete all your adventure activities. Visitors can select from different activities such as Dune Bashing Dubai, camel riding, sandboarding, quad biking, etc. Indeed, certain activities such as Quad Bike Dubai are unique to a desert safari in the morning.

You will be brought back to the city with plenty of time left over to see the other attractions of Dubai until you have had your fill.

Evening Desert Safari

If you want to experience an amazing desert experience, an Evening Desert Safari Dubai should be your preference.

It starts in the late afternoon when the sun has started its descent. It ensures that you can enjoy the right conditions and enjoy your Safari in the desert to the fullest. You will relax and enjoy different fun sports such as sandboarding, quad biking, etc., in the evening.

While Dubai Desert Safari in the morning will undoubtedly be a fantastic experience for any visitor, evening desert safari is the most popular form of Safari recommended to achieve a full exposure of the desert safari. Try out the best evening desert safari for people who are away from busy schedules and have a long, relaxing evening ahead. The Safari begins about 2 PM-3 PM (varies according to sunset time).

Overnight Desert Safari

Spend a lovely night in the dunes of Dubai, and enjoy each moment under the light of the moon. The desert safari continues after the visitor returns from the campsite at night. The night safari includes a fun view of the night sky of the Arabian Desert. You should set up your tent for the night and rest on a quiet night. It is an expansion of the evening desert safari Dubai. The initial events included in the Dubai overnight desert safari brochure are similar to those of the Evening Safari.

Overnight desert safari Dubai includes BBQ dinner, traditional Arabic entertainment events, including henna fashion, photography, and Overnight Stay at Desert. The safari travel for overnight is a 14-hour tour of the same evening desert safari activities with an overnight stay in our Arabic Bedouin camp. You will be served breakfast the next morning and dropped back at your hotel or home. This experience is a different kind of desert safari.

Desert Safari Dubai Combos

If you are looking for a detailed city tour, going for a combo tour is your best option. Desert Safari Dubai provides several combo tours together with numerous other attractions of Desert Safari in Dubai. These combo tours are suitable for small groups and want to take advantage of their trip to the skyscraper land. In one or two days, you’ll see the best in town and make sure you don’t miss any must-see attractions.

Another bonus of these combo tours is that they will save you money. When you imagine contributing to costs such as lodging, separately visiting many attractions will prove costly. On the other hand, a combo tour would be leisurely, since nearly everything is provided, from tickets to travel. These tours are particularly suitable for those who first visit Dubai.

What can you expect?

The Dubai Desert Safari can be taken up at various locations depending on the budget and time restrictions. You can either take Camel Ride or with an SUV ride to a bunch of dunes or both! Experience the world as your heart enters your mouth with each turn with a quaint camel ride or a pumping ride on an SUV despite the dune bashing. If you go for a safari in the evening or overnight, the typical cuisine and, of course, the typical belly dance or light dance performance would be a treat. You will fuel up with some adrenaline-filled dune smashing the next morning after a delicious meal.


After that, Skyland Tourism is considered the Best Desert Safari Dubai Company destination management company (DMC) in Dubai that gives you a fantastic chance to collaborate with the “Ship of The Desert” by riding the camel. And feel like a conventional and antiquated Arab explorer. These human-accommodating goliaths have been all around fundamentally significant for Arabs. Since they were being utilized for bridging the deserts sometime before 4×4 cruisers, you have fun and let us take some delightful pictures with this quiet and stunning animal to share on your online life.

You can likewise release your adventurous side by riding our quad bicycle on the brilliant sand of the desert. You can also do Sand Boarding, which is an insane alternative game to snowboarding, which is done on sand ridges rather than snow. In fact, on the off chance of slowly loving spirit teamwork, you can sit on our relaxed and marvelous horses and show the world how wonderful a time you are having during Dubai Tours.

By contacting a trustworthy travel company like, you can enjoy the Desert Safari Dubai fully with your friends and family. Plan, so you get the slot of your preference, resulting in the best experience possible.