(Overnight Package – 3) Khasab Full Day Dhow Cruise and Overnight at Hotel (1 Night 1 Days)

  • Khasab Full Day Dhow Cruise and Overnight at Hotel
  • Khasab Full Day Dhow Cruise 3
  • Khasab Full Day Dhow Cruise 2


Place yourself and tempt your taste buds with exceptional cuisine in the heart of Musandam’s most dynamic and lively city or seaside or Mountain, by booking a room at Khasab with us. We want you to be swept away on an exceptional adventure, punctuated by sensational moments that stay with you forever. With our famed Omani hospitality and our desire to go above and beyond, we set the scene for your memorable journey and cherished timeless memories.

Also, this tour offers a Full Day Dhow Cruise to the Khor Sham fjord where the natural community of dolphins is welcoming you to the silence of sea and we do have two anchoring for snorkel and swimming near to the historical Telegraph Island also known as Jazīrat al Maqlab or Jazīrat Şaghīr and the Seebi Island. Swim and snorkel among the colorful sea life and underwater life in the Telegraph and Seebi are one of the best ways to make yourself happy in the present is to recall happy times from the past.

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Appreciate a life-changing Khasab Musandam dhow journey through the “Fjords of Musandam” with our Khasab Full Day Dhow Cruise and Overnight at Hotel. Onboard our embellished Omani dhow, where you can sit serenely on pads and covers while devouring your eyes on the striking view.

A Khasab Full Day Dhow Cruise and Overnight at Hotel offers knowledge into the incredible scene and authentic Islands. Find old towns, swim and snorkel free waters off Telegraph Island and Seebi Island, visiting Khor Shem, Qanaha and Maqlab en route. There is a particular plausibility you may see dolphins in transit. Scrumptious lunch and refreshments are served ready. Swimming, snorkeling instruments, and towels are given.

On the Khasab Full Day Dhow Cruise and Overnight at Hotel, you can loosen up stretch your body and give a dining experience to the eyes by catching many striking scenes and getting a charge out of the joy to be in the water. Aside from this, you can have a delightful lunch in entire day Khasab Musandam dhow journey with refreshments that will stimulate your taste buds.

This experience of the Khasab Full Day Dhow Cruise and Overnight at Hotel is an alternate and exciting one and is principally planned for sentimental spirits. You will be given a swimming apparatus, life coats, towels, essential latrine and shower office on the pontoon. Book your Khasab Full Day Dhow Cruise and Overnight at Hotel today to have a fabulous time!

Khasab Full Day Dhow Cruise and Overnight at Hotel includes

  • Six hours sharing premise Khasab Full Day Dhow Cruise to Khasab Musandam fjords and touring
  • Dolphin watching, swimming, and perspective on angler towns inside Musandam fjords.
  • Boundless refreshments on the board including customary Omani tea, espresso, and plain water
  • Customary Omani lunch that may incorporate fricasseed rice, seared chicken, Hummus, serving of mixed greens and Khubz
  • Crisp organic products (Apple, Banana, and Orange) all the time will be amid Khasab Musandam dhow voyage
  • Fundamental can and give office new water, hand wash, tissue papers, and towels
  • Swimming and swimming apparatuses, life coats, towels and happy with sitting courses of action.

Khasab Full Day Dhow Cruise Activities

  • Gutsy entire day dhow voyage into Musandam fjords and touring
  • Normal dolphin viewing en route to chronicled Telegraph Island
  • Visit chronicled Telegraph and Seebi islands that are the best for swimming on the Khasab Full Day Dhow Cruise.
  • Two stops for swimming and swimming, first at Telegraph Island and after that Seebi
  • Perspective on little angler towns like Nadifi, Quanah, Maqlab, Seeb, and Shem
  • A remarkable Khasab Musandam dhow voyage with dolphin observing

We here at Skyland tourism give Khasab Full Day Dhow Cruise and Overnight at Hotel (1 Night 1 Day), half-day Khasab dhow voyage. With the excited and expert staff and visit guides, Skyland Tourism is constantly prepared to serve you in Khasab Oman.

Come enjoy the best deals of Khasab Full Day Dhow Cruise and Overnight at Hotel (1 Night 1 Day) with Skyland tourism.

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