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Special Note: Minimum 2 person will be required for this tour.

The Arabian Horses are world-renown for their breed and agility. Take a ride on one of them and cherish this lifetime memory.

Dubai is a place which is known for many places but deserts are also the main reason behind its popularity. Deserts are a place which is a very peaceful place for every person. It is known because of its sand dunes, vast red sand dunes. The best thing about sand dunes is that number of activities can be performed on it. You can ride a bike on it, you can have a camel ride on it and you can also get an experience of dune bashing on it. But have you ever heard of Horse riding in a desert? It is a much-underrated activity but is the most thrilling one.

In our daily lives, there is hardly any event in which we get to experience horse riding in sand dunes. So the thing is that if you are here in Dubai and are planning to visit any Desert here so why not give a try to horse riding in the deserts? Because I guess horse riding in a desert is a perfect combo one could have. You can experience it on a beach or at a park but still riding a horse in the sand dunes is a whole different experience.

How is the experience of horse riding?

It is a kind of experience which creates a hormonal rush in your body. The horse is a kind of animal which is known for its fast speed and beauty. And when you sit on it you get to see the desert with a very huge height and sight. While riding the horse you get to experience the huge sand dunes at a high speed while sitting on it you will feel like the king of the desert and this will be a kind of experience which is unexplainable n-words and which will stick lifetime with you. Enjoy is a very small word to say about this experience.
When the horse starts rushing with the speed in the sand dunes starts blowing through the face. Right now while reading all of this you will feel like how gross is this that sand will cover your face but trust me when you will get to experience this you will find the sand blowing on your face the best part of horse riding.

What to expect from us?

We will pick you from your hotel at the time you provided us with. You will be dropped at the desert in pour land cruisers. There your ride will begin. Before starting the horse ride our guides will be there to provide you with the proper guidance of how to ride it and once you are comfortable riding it then only you will be allowed to go for the ride. I am sure you must not be needing so much of instructions for riding it. The duration of this ride is 1 hour. You will be dropped back to your location after the ride.
So what are you waiting for? Don’t wait too long for getting this experience as life’s not that long!


Package includes

  • Pick up and drop off
  • 1 hour ride with instructor

Pick up and drop off time depend on availability and demand

Reviews (15)

15 reviews for Horse Riding in Dubai

  1. Petrina Dickey

    The horses are pretty well-groomed and tame. We get supported with the aid of a knowledgeable team of workers who escorted us into the wasteland for an incredible time in a tranquil environment. We even noticed camels! First elegance and we will move again.

  2. Stephan Dye

    The park itself is a hidden gem to maximum ex-pat dwelling around the vicinity. And I am satisfied continuously to deliver all my friends for barren region rides. Accommodating and courteous team of workers. It’s such an excellent cost for money as well. The horses are first-rate, and the view is beautiful.

  3. Carmelia Meier

    We went on a trip throughout the wilderness in sundown. We journey a lot; however, in this strong, it changed into unique since it becomes after some whilst without driving. We took the barren region hike, which indeed turned into extra than we were expecting, the tune was desirable for galloping. They may assist you to do whatever you feel good. The staff has been useful, and the horses had been appropriate and maintained.

  4. Hermelinda Eagle

    It’s a boon to have this type of a facility inside the coronary heart of Dubai. I would propose it to everyone who wants to strive his hand at horse driving or practice the game they as soon as learned. The running shoes are very considerate and accommodate riders with exceptional level perfectly. Also, the gathering after the terrific barren region experience and having tea together on the majlis on the solid is fantastic.

  5. Armand Keenan

    The excellent firm for the horse driving in the wilderness. So you will see the view and sundown in the back of the sandhill. The horses have been easy to ride, it turned into very laid returned, and we cantered a lot which was amazing fun — pleased with the experience we had on our ride. Ample possibilities to canter and the sundown views made this an unforgettable ride. Advise a journey out for this.

  6. Merissa Ware

    This vicinity gives me the chills. Green, beautiful, active and mesmerizing. Best revel in ever. I received the best provider in this vicinity. I turned into a very satisfied. The rate is affordable, and the excellence of horses, leaders, and equipment may be very suitable. I can propose it!

  7. Gricelda Jernigan

    We went for the sunrise journey for the duration of our trip to Dubai, and it was much fun cantering via the wilderness watching the sun come up. Skyland Tourism’s stables superbly cared for their horses, fit, healthy, and secure. They are appropriate at matching the riders at unique degrees with the horses.

  8. Shante Jaramillo

    This location becomes pleasant out of all of the other horse riders out there that I’ve tried. We went on the beach journey with my associate, and it becomes a sensational, friendly body of workers and a quiet atmosphere. The horses are eager and well behaved. There is an exceptional desire for horses to fit riders with specific stages of ability.

  9. Tamesha Pennell

    It was my first time travelling a horse. So I can tell that Thanks to my trainer who taught me a way to ride, I might be going there again. I would advocate anyone who likes sunsets and activities to visit them. The desolate tract they take you for a ride to is of the first-rate. They also take plenty of pictures for you at some stage in the trip too, perfect for searching returned.

  10. Hae Chapa

    Horse Riding with buddies and family become a laugh, anybody is doing the first time and talking it was perfect with the assistance of the trainer. I love it here because their fees are reasonable and fair for what they provide. It’s fun, high-quality exercise instructs kids to be aware of round creatures and is excellent for their standard health as accurately.

  11. Niesha Pugh

    Skyland Tourism also offers pony rides when you have younger youngsters. Who are high-quality if they may be not ready to examine or feel nervous. Experience horse riding through the super woods approaches and sandy ridges of Dubai’s National Park. We got the opportunity to run around the recreation centre for 90 minutes and observe astonishing that trees, notable peaks and neighbourhood untamed existence like wilderness foxes.

  12. Marybeth Reich

    It’s a first-rate region for youngsters, and adults, to learn how to journey. The place is perfect, and the expenses are reasonable. It changed into a large group; however, Skyland Tourism has a lot of stables body of workers. That went out on the ride additionally, so we always had guidance and felt very secure. You should pick out to split off in different agencies to shape your pace, which becomes excellent.

  13. Rosette Blum

    Nice area. A friendly team. Good horses. The stable is ideal and well maintained. You have so many horses there and would experience seeing everything in action. Suitable region to spend a weekend, some distance from Dubai malls, crowded locations, and artificial locations. We had so much amusing, and plenty of pics taken in the course of the ride that we should send over at the quit so we may want to just consciousness at the horses.

  14. Sharita Keel

    You can do a wilderness experience within the morning do nighttime, and the men will guide any level of rider. Skyland Tourism professionals have developed extra self-assurance in a short quantity of time and feel at domestic across the stables. We have the opportunity to wash our horses down and feed them after riding, which is an essential part of the learning.

  15. Alta Hussey

    Best joy, the staff are accommodating and make sure you are safe. Horses nicely sorted and very well trained. I booked to make a sunset trip to Dubai. Mudasser was very responsive to messages and very beneficial and gave me the phone quantity of a taxi driver that knew the region of the stables. He requested if I could journey and wanted a quick horse! Skyland Tourism gives us an utterly secure spot for everyone among our occasions.

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Our Sunrise and Sunset horse riding are an astounding method to ease pressure and appreciate the magnificence of the Arabian desert. Skyland Tourism likewise gives a very safe spot for every one of your occasions. We proceed on growing and giving space to attire so your steeds will be kept in a very much dealt with the region with nonstop consideration. We will treat everybody like family.


You get additional significant bits of knowledge and actualities about horseback riding in a security preparation. Also, appreciate a loosening up hour and a half horseback ride through the beautiful Nation Park of Dubai. Take in the excellence of the neighborhood verdure of the recreation center, in case you’re fortunate you may even recognize a desert fox! Try not to miss this a stand-out chance to prep, shower and feed you a horse.

Experience horse riding through the excellent woods ways and sandy ridges of Dubai’s National Park. Run around the recreation center for 90 minutes and look at dazzling ghaf trees, brilliant ridges and neighborhood untamed life like desert foxes. In the wake of investigating the grand scene for an hour and a half on your horse, return it to the stables for a chance to prepare, shower and feed it!

Most children experience a horsey stage at some stage, however, in case you’re a learner, it’s hard to tell where to begin. Riders and pony lover need not worry. All of that part is on us. We will pick you up, guide and train you offer you every service.

Dubai offers various open doors for the equine situated, regardless of whether you’re an abnormal state professional or a total tenderfoot. Its fun, great exercise, instructs children to be mindful around creatures and is extraordinary for their overall wellness as well. In any case, where on earth do you begin, who is best for apprentices, and what’s it going to cost? All things considered, youngsters are famously whimsical. You would prefer not to finish up separating with your well-deserved money except if you realize it will all be justified, despite all the trouble.


The desert Horse Riding bundle is a loosening up ride through the superb landscape of the Park. We begin off riding through the local timberland of Ghaf Trees, dropping down into the ravines completed off up and over the sand ridges. A while later you can wash down and set away horses. A horse riding exercise where you will be educated of the fundamental to propel riding abilities and systems educators are patient and accommodating to offering guidance to every one of the amateur riders to give them backing and certainty riding the horse. Contact Us For Horse Riding in Dubai. Contact us for horse riding in Dubai to plan the most energizing piece of your visit. Our inviting agents are accessible to help you.

Horse riding is a wonderful experience for learners and beginners. Visit for more details.


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