Half Day Mountain Safari to Jebal Harim

  • Half Day Mountain Safari to Jebal Harim


Jebel Harim, which translates as the ‘mountain of women’ and at 2000m the highest peak in Musandam. The mountain takes its name from the days when local women would retreat to caves up here in order to avoid being carried off by pirates or rival tribes while their menfolk were away on extended fishing or trading expeditions. The actual summit is home to a radar station monitoring shipping way below in the Straits of Hormuz and is out of bounds, although there are superb all-round views from the road, with breathtaking views back to Khasab and onwards towards Dibba. Many of the rocks up here are also studded with superbly preserved fossils, offering the remarkable sight of ancient submarine creatures – molluscs, fish, clams and numerous trilobites – now incongruously stranded near the summit of one of Arabia’s highest mountains.

Our moutain safari tour Buckle up for a 4×4 adventure to 6,000 feet above sea level. From Khasab city, we’ll drive up into the mountains of the Musandam Peninsula, making pit-stops at viewpoints along the way. The village of Sayah is on the cards, too. This picturesque hamlet tumbles down the hillside, and is still occupied by desert-dwelling Bedouin people. The settlement is famous for its ancient petrographs – 3,000-year-old paintings splattered on the rock face.En route you’ll pass a remarkable fossil wall, formed out of what was originally a chunk of sea bed rock and covered in a dense layer of fossilized impressions among which the outlines of crabs, starfish and shells can clearly be made out. Later on, we drive up near the summit of Jebel Harim, literally “Mountain of Women”. Of course, the photo opportunities from these heights are spectacular, in particular the Khawr Najid this stunning view point overlooks the Indian Ocean.

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The mountain safari is a beautiful hilly place located in Dubai city. It is towards the east coast of the United Arab Emirates. Before entering into deep areas of mountains, we just need to pass by an oasis of al David which is famous for the cultivation of vegetables, fruits and especially for largest strawberry production.

Then we pass by a fishing village which is further divided into 3 more emirates. After a pass by essential and beautiful places, we finally climb to 1000 meters above sea level to indulge and engage ourselves in lush gardens and a beautiful view of an ancient village.

The place 1000 meters above sea level is basically mountain safari very close to desert safari. This place has a mildest and soft weather than other cities of Dubai that’s why it is a famous vacation place for all the citizens of the city and country. A reconstructed village named as heritage is permanent and highlighted part of this tour, the Hatta heritage village now becomes an important historical site for tourists. We can also visit the hatta carpet market, hatta dam and so many places so you will get to know about the history and geography of the UAE.

The tour of mountain safari offers you a photography opportunity; you will have a chance to dive in the fresh water pool and chilling swimming experience.
During your tour, you have a great chance to observe desert life of safari along with mountain safari tour with grazing camels, camel ride, beautiful view of the sunset, Arabic dance, Arabic cultural photography and much more.

Then your next destination is Jebal Harem Mountain, which is also known as mountains of women. If we go by road, the Jebal harem mountain is 30 minutes’ drive away from khasab city. You will pass through eye-catching view and beauty and iconic overlook on the beautiful fjords like inlets on the Musandam Peninsula. Then we head towards a dirt road which will lead us to the mountains.

We can stop at so many places between for photo takes and to know the history of some places, and the final over 6000 feet, we reached at Jebal harem Mountain finally. The view and sight from the top of the rocky hill were so much iconic and beautiful in all the directions.

Obviously, that was a desert type rough area that’s why there were so much wind and the cold breeze on the top of the mountain, and there were many goats.

Sky land tourism offers best and combo package to visit mountain safari and jebal Harem Mountain with so many facilities and comfort. The service includes pick and drop at your doorstep, the private cab with comfortable seats and air-conditioned environment, a professional guide all the time with you to guide in a proper way. The places to visit in this tour are two main and most famous places that are mountain safari and jebal Harem Mountain and much more. For more details please visit our website.

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