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A fishing trip always tests your skills against some of the fastest and restless creatures of nature. The joy of catching one is unsurpassed.

If I say that Dubai has it all so I guess nobody will have any issue with it. Dubai is a city which has every activity. You think of an activity and then you think about Dubai every time you are like oh Dubai has this activity too. The Government and the people in it have played a major role in making Dubai what it is right now. The Government of Dubai constructs a place of fun for people and the people there helps in maintaining that place, they keep it clean and protects that place from every sort of harmful activity. This is the reason why Dubai is this much developed today.

Same as this if we talk about the rivers here in Dubai. They are kept very clean by the responsible management. There are a lot of activities that can be done on the river. But the bests of all activity at the river is fishing.

How’s the Experience?

It is one of unique experience one could get at a river. Like it is a confidence-boosting activity. Imagine how much fun and exciting it would be for you when you will be able to catch a fish by yourself. It is not a very big thing to be proud of but still the happiness and proudness you will feel after catching a fish would be of another level.

What to expect from us?

Skyland Tourism has the best experts for fishing who will guide you in such a manner that you will also become half an expert for doing fishing professionally.
Firstly you will be picked from your mentioned pickup location at the time you provided us with. This activity is most suitable in the evening. You will be dropped near the river. From there our fishing and boating experts will take you inside the boat. You will be provided with Fishing Equipment like bait, rods, hooks, and trawling rods. For your safety purposes, safety equipment is there on every boat. Our deal cost includes insurance cost of you for safety. Our crew and the boat is also insured. After you are provided with all the equipment necessary for fishing then you will be given proper assistance for fishing. Once you will give us the symbol that you will be able to do it then only we will let you do fishing. After you are done fishing you will be served with light refreshments like tea, coffee or any soft drink of your choice.
This trip takes 4 hours. You will be dropped back to your hotel when you the duration ends.
Don’t wait too long, just go for it!

you have to go and select the deal for fishing of your choice. Select the time which is manageable for you. I am sure you won’t regret spending your money, as you will go satisfied after the trip! We have the cheapest prices on our deals.


Package Details

  • Pick up and Drop Off
  • Fishing Equipment: Rods, Trawling Rods, Bait, Hooks and Weights are provided on board.
  • Safety Equipment: All boats are provided with safety equipment
  • Insurance: Boat, Crew and Guests are fully insured
  • Approval: Coast Guard Approved
  • Light Refreshments: Tea, Coffee & Soft Drinks served on board

Exclusive 33 ft up to 8 persons

Exclusive 37 ft up to 10 persons

Exclusive 50 ft up to 16 persons

Exclusive 55 ft up to 22 persons

Exclusive 85 ft up to 37 persons

Terms & Conditions

  • Please carry your original passport or valid ID with you.
  • The yacht is on private basis, on sharing basis depends on availability
  • The duration of trip will be 4 hours
  • Cancellation before 24 hours will be no charge
  • 100 % Charge for no-shows or cancellations made on same time
  • All outdoor activities are depends on weather condition and may cancel without prior notice

Reviews (15)

15 reviews for Fishing Trip Dubai

  1. Ann Goodwin

    I took two vessels with remote ocean angling. We were 34 individuals. It was a unique excursion, and everybody was delighted in the centre. Crewe was instant, and at an early stage, the pontoon – and vessel was unblemished upon appearance. We conceded to trolling and a little base angling – it was only my child and me on the outing. My child angling and me merely chilling!

  2. Henry Swanson

    With our Skyland tourism guide, we had an unforgettable fishing trip. Maximum capture of 8 fish, 7 of which are barracuda. The boat with sleek life jackets was clean and well maintained and comfortable. We went out 25kms into the deep sea from the Dubai marina. We had a fantastic early morning view of the Dubai shoreline.

  3. Christie Ferguson

    At the point when we showed up, our guide was there to invite us. Friendly and we could have extraordinary discussions. We had a sense of security, and the children were very welcome! The group dealt with everything with the coast gatekeeper and left the marina rapidly to make some astound perspectives on the Dubai horizon at sun ascend as we ventured out to the angling grounds. The boat was perfect and very much kept up similar to all hardware. The angling hardware was set up by the team who likewise bedevilled every one of the lines and helped us unfasten and store all our fish in the cool box.

  4. Nichole Pierce

    The angling pontoon was in mint condition, and the group was experienced and professional. Enjoying superb fishing conditions on the blue waters of the Arabian Gulf was the best experience of our lifetime. We stowed a great deal of fish and savoured the enrapturing sights of Dubai’s milestones. The group was useful. We got plenty of fish and we BBQ them on the pontoon.

  5. Jason Sanchez

    I was in Dubai with my family, and we intended to accomplish something truly energizing. Remote ocean fishing was the ideal visit I found. We booked an angling trip with BBQ. The weather didn’t help since it was cold; however, it was a pleasant involvement in Skyland Tourism. Either by scheduling the excursion or by the skipper and his associate, they were kind. They attempted their best to pick vast territories to let us get extra fishes. They helped the children likewise and showed them how to fish. It was all right, sincerely thanks.

  6. Lois Bradley

    Going for a fishing experience with the best group, and hardware was dynamite understanding for us. Neither we looked into nor took supposition from anybody. On the best season to dive for deep ocean angling in Dubai, by the by, and we made some superb memories with our angling trip. It is new for me on this pontoon and fruitful and top quality. Enthusiastically suggest this outing — 6 hours with barbecued fish on the boat. I will be anticipating the following excursion out.

  7. Brent Briggs

    The group is very expert and treats visitors like family. We generally have an excellent time on the vessel uniquely when we take our children. They love it, as well. Best angling involvement in BBQ your new catch and they clean your fish for you. I cherished the experience, such as an excellent team. The nourishment was incredible just as the administration.

  8. Brendan Gutierrez

    I went with my companions to have fun. We were dithering to go angling. Yet this company has a protected vessel for children, and they enjoyed it to most excellent. The group was extremely decent and supportive and showed us how to fish. After getting two full neat boxes of fish, we advanced toward an emit island to watch dusk alongside the fire that we made on the seashore.

  9. Jerald Jennings

    We were a gathering of 10, and we experienced Excellent Boat, Captain, and Services. Appreciated the angling, Captain and his hand were experienced and educated. Helpful Would prescribe to angle with the same as we will do it again and once more. They got bounty to eat, and the staff were fab and kept the pontoons together so the young men could swim and eat together!

  10. Claude Brock

    Such a marvellous time fishing and the group was inviting and amazing. We were firmly prescribed if you need to encounter something different! Fishing was great and our chief and co. We’re incredibly cordial. I would prescribe to others.the Skyland Tourism group were all incredibly supportive in obliging our needs. We took a marvellous voyage through Dubai’s well-known areas. The vessel was extravagant and had an incredible sound framework. I would go once more!

  11. Taylor Farmer

    Only a great time! The vessel was as envisioned, and all gear was in OK condition. The boat had a fish discoverer, a GPS and Icebox and even a little stable framework Which was a pleasant touch. The skipper and the group were useful, continually helping us with unwinding angling lines.

  12. Johnnie Peters

    The boat is ideal for fishing, and it is agreeable for cruising to the fishing point. Other than such hardware ready, We got an immaculate climate and an incredible commander. Our skipper did everything from trolling to base angling to drifting until we got a pleasant heap of fish. By the end of the day’s end, we were altogether depleted however had a ton of fun.

  13. Manuel Martin

    The coast was delightful, and the pontoon was very decent. There was an expansive open region at the front for drifting and jigging. Absolutely pleasing and proficient and very well disposed of as well. Southeast coast pf Persian Gulf gives Dubai an edge for us and its local people to enjoy some standard or profound – ocean angling. Because of our commander, who made our excursion astounding.

  14. Dana Turner

    From the beginning to and our Captain and the crew were astonishing! The experts of Skyland Tourism arrange our excursion and outfit with all basics calculating apparatus. tries for our best angling experience. We made some incredible memories of the ocean.

  15. Benny West

    We make the most of our angling trip with Skyland Tourism. The yacht was an extraordinary clean pontoon; they had additionally organized nourishment, drink, and even embellishments. An enjoyable outing with the commander got a ton of fish and got an agreeable help and for the most part, amiable methodology.

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You don’t need to stress over being an accomplished fisher to appreciate and enjoy in the sun! Lease a yacht with Book yachts and our group of Skyland Tourism will control you and outfit you with all the essential angling rigging and our chief will take you to spots where you are certain to locate a decent catch. Come, go fishing with us and snare some barracuda or fish or the slippery Mackerel or Jas.


Dubai lies along the coast and fishing has been an important thing for the people. Today, fishing is a popular pastime for visitors and residents of Dubai. Booking a fishing trip is a great way to spend the day and relax away from the stress and tension of work or a great way to spice up your vacation. Our boats are docked in the Fishing Harbour so to and from the boats can be provided if needed.

You are probably full of thoughts as to why you should go for fishing in Dubai when there are a lot of other activities apart from the fishing trip, the ‘staple’ of the catch while in Dubai – grouper, barracuda, kingfish, Sheri, and if you are lucky some travelli.


An adventure-packed day is what a fishing cruise is bound to offer! You can take home your catch, show off your skills to the world, grill and eat or just put it back in the sea. Whatever you wish to do, we will make sure that your day is made. Although Dubai is known as desert land, being on the Southeast coast of the Persian Gulf gives it an edge for tourists and locals to indulge in some regular or deep-sea fishing. Spend a fun-filled, action-packed day with your loved ones and watch as you turn into a 5-year-old shrieking with delight as you hook your first catch!

Skyland Tourism welcomes you to join us for what will be a wonderful and  Event for individuals, families, organizations, teenagers, kids, young adults on our Fishing in Dubai. We offer customers to very economical all-inclusive priced packages for convenience and relaxation. Fishing in Dubai happens to be one of the most favored activity to participate in, mainly for anyone who keens to be on the water. Dubai has recently become a renowned destination for sport fishing, hosting some of the finest fishing-related events in the entire world. Beautiful weather, thrilling experience, fun, and buckets full of fish make this experience of a fishing trip in Dubai fabulous.

No matter if you are a beginner fisherman or a professional angler, the warm Arabian waters are full of all types of fish, including cobia, kingfish, small shark, hammer, Sultan Ibrahim, sherry and barracuda. This makes it no big thing nowadays that fishing in Dubai has been too big places and has become such a big past time activity for people, as well as tourists.

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