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Camel Ride Allows you to Experience the Desert Better Than any other Mode of Transport.

The safari undertakings all leave from the local city and take globe-trotters out into the treat. Voyagers can choose from various choices from the Dubai Desert involvement. In view of the time accessible and precisely what the explorer wants to see every last one of these choices gives an incredible measure of time in the desert with the opportunity to take photographs, camels ride, appreciate cooking of Dubai and return securely towards the city.

Package includes

  • Pick up and drop off
  • 1-hour ride with the instructor
  • Dune Bashing in 4×4 (on demand)
  • Sand Boarding (on demand)

Pick up and drop off time depending on availability and demand

Reviews (11)

11 reviews for Dubai Camel Riding Tours

  1. Jacquelyn Garza (verified owner)

    Amazing trip- thus peaceful and calm. I’m consequently happy that I selected this trip over the others that offer. I’ll always remember the expertise of riding across the desert on my artiodactyl. We tend to were lucky enough to envision the Supermoon over the desert. The falcon show and therefore the lady United Nations agency trained the falcon, was conjointly wonderful.

  2. Faith Hardy (verified owner)

    We tend to enjoy this tour pretty much, particularly the artiodactyl ride. The tour guides were friendly and taken care of us beautiful. I used to be unsure regarding the artiodactyl ride to start. However, they created the American state to feel comfy about it. Within the finish, this was the most straightforward half. The falcon show and therefore, the Arabian feast were excellent. Likewise, the complete evening was beautiful to run and pleasurable.

  3. Willis Duncan (verified owner)

    This was the highlight of my city vacation. Drive to the conservation reserve, Samir, guide, told all people what to expect for dinner, likewise as shared history and customs of the city and, therefore, the UAE. I wished AN expertise with the artiodactyl ride. Quite merely, the five-minute knowledge that different corporations were giving. I conjointly liked it. However, this was an eco-friendly company.

  4. Vivian Barton – Best Camel Ride Dubai (verified owner)

    This excursion was part of my trip to the city. Abid was our driver and guide. He was attractive, useful, and was able to answer any question that we tend to have regarding the city. I used to be picked up at the building and driven bent on the desert wherever we tend to meet our camels with their handlers. We tend to ride for forty-five minutes to a compound wherever we had a conventional Arab meal and watched the performance of native dances. It over only too presently.

  5. Lynda Sanders (verified owner)

    This trip was fabulous in each means. Abid, the tour director, was skilled and courteous, he created it pleasurable for the folks in our cluster, and therefore the whole tour was top quality. Our artiodactyl guide was kind to the animals and created it fun for the participants. The dinner, henna painting, amusement, and nargileh created for an exquisite evening within the desert.

  6. Alfonso Shelton (verified owner)

    Excellent expertise, you’ll be able to do either an hour artiodactyl ride or vintage vary Rover ride on the dunes. We tend to went with the artiodactyl ride. And it had been fantastic when the artiodactyl ride we tend to had a Falcon demonstration followed by dinner in a very camp with saltation and weapon demonstration.

  7. Nicole Richardson (verified owner)

    You ride the ungulates for forty-five minutes. We tend to enjoy the long ride; however, you were able to get off the camel once you acquired the first stop. Then you get off, have some apple drink, see a falcon fly, then head camp wherever you relish an Emirati feast with delicious food and choices for henna and pipe later performances. it had been immaculate to come in the desert at midnight as a result of it was so peaceful so utterly different from the town. It’s a protracted afternoon/night, thus come back ready. We tend to were exhausted once we got back!

  8. Wade Rivera (verified owner)

    Riding into the desert on camels at sunset was an exquisite thanks to expertise in the desert around the city. Deed the hustle and bustle of the large town and enjoying the sweetness of the quiet desert was an incredible thanks to paying a district of our vacation.

  9. Rolando Pierce – Best Camel Ride dubai (verified owner)

    We created a with I felt like Lawrence from the peninsula on my dromedary. They were immense so calm! Three camels one guide. I feel uneasy — way more desert feeling than “bashing” with jeeps through the desert. The dinner was excellent, far better than expected. And that we enjoyed the standard songs. Even the guides perceived to relish the evening. it had been immensely an ideal trip though it was dear.

  10. Allan Nguyen – Camel Ride (verified owner)

    Our building pickup was excellent, an A/c ride in comfort with a knowledgeable guide. The compound was well union. However, the cheese demo was too long. A Cooler, less wet evening would are higher; however, that’s what the time was. A reasonable time all spherical.

  11. Daniel

    We visited desert safari in March and enjoyed Camel riding most. We were driven around by instructor. The service and organization were amazing. We would definitely suggest it to all our friends

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One of the most renowned day voyages amongst visitors to Dubai is the desert safari. You can’t visit Dubai and not try the desert safari journey. It is one of the most sought-after tourist activities inside the Middle East. This is hands down a definitive outdoor excursion in Dubai. People from all over the globe come to see its dunes and get a glimpse of what Bedouin’s life was like before the city became a tourism center. Desert safaris are not anything less than thrilling, fascinating and an altogether brilliant mean to indulge in the local lifestyle.

All you Need to Know About Dubai Camel Riding Tours

This desert trip, the Dubai Camel Riding Tours starts with a pickup from your resort in Dubai through a robust yet deluxe jeep.  Then, you will be heading instantly to the sultry barren region that encompasses the metropolis of Dubai. As you are making your way through the desert, you’ll be getting a gorgeous view of the UAE’s enthralling landscapes, while listening to your guide’s tales about the area in addition to its spellbinding geography.

A trip to Dubai is incomplete without a desert safari accompanied by a Dubai Camel Riding Tours. While the wasteland safari gives you the joys of using in a 4×4 jeep, Dubai Camel Riding Tours offers you a completely exceptional exhilarating enjoy. This interest will dazzle you like no other.

What to Expect on Your Dubai Camel Riding Tours

Camels are acknowledged to travel long distances without food and water, making these wonderful creatures an indelible part of the Arabic culture. This also made them an indispensable form of shipping again inside the day. One way of experiencing this is to partake in the Dubai Camel Riding Tours. This unforgettable experience takes you back in time as you experience the Dubai Camel Riding Tours and experience how the Bedouin people traveled back in the old days.

Relax as you enjoy Dubai Camel Riding Tours throughout the great expanse of the Lahbab wilderness and look into the desert out of your high perch.

The Details of the Dubai Camel Riding Tours

Dubai Camel Riding Tours is an interest that isn’t just confined to adults – even children can experience these magnificent creatures and will find it captivating to be so high off the ground! While most of the people are of the belief that deserts are barren, you might be capable of see some uncommon natural world like Arabian oryxes and gazelle species.

Once you have experienced how the Bedouin traveled across the barren region in ancient times, you can now indulge in conventional activities like henna painting, hookah, and belly dancing. You additionally get to have a conventional dinner.

When at the venue, your expert guides will teach you the do and Dubai Camel Riding Tours. They will also ensure that your ride is smooth and carefree. There is nothing to fear, as camels are calm animals.

Come enjoy the best of our Dubai Camel Riding Tours with Skyland tourism.

For further details, information or any queries please contact us at

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Desert Safari is a must-do a tour in Dubai

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